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Houston Networking News (HNN) has been serving Houston since 2003. It has been one of the premier business development organizations in Houston since its inception.HNN has hosted more than 1,000 business networking mixers, breakfasts and luncheons. It has hosted the Houston Business Expo, a unique expo focusing on networking. HNN has also fostered the birth of Houston L.E.A.D. as well as Houston Business Executives.


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Houston Business Executives, a CEO peer advisory organization has a Business-to-Business networking component allowing you to surmount your business challenges whether you are an executive, a lead support executive or are responsible for sales. Members meet monthly to provide peer support under the auspices of a facilitator who has developed and run companies and is skilled in maximizing peer input important to ensure success.


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Houston L.E.A.D. (Lead Exchange and Development) was formed in 2013 and now boasts 20+ chapters throughout the Houston area. Each chapter is an exclusive group with diverse, but non-competitive, organizations working together to exchange referrals, gain from networking and sales training and provide peer feedback to each other. Contact group leaders to find out if there is an available slot for your industry.