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You have tried waiting for the phone to ring without success. You have tried cold calls, yuck! You have attended meetings for professional networking on your own; boring. So you have decided to join Houston L.E.A.D. professional network. Now it is time to maximize your experience! It is time to improve your networking skills at the next networking event that you attend!

The Plan

Approach the Meeting and People Positively

Be friendly with the members of the group, particularly with those new members and guests. Ask positive engaging questions focusing on the other members. Stand ready to help the other members as appropriate.

Maintain Close Ties with the Leader

You will get to know the other members. However, the leader will generally know them at a much more definitive level. Through your communication with the group leader, you will be in a better position to know the other members in greater depth and, in turn, the leader will gain a more in-depth understanding of you.

Precisely Define Your Market and Product

People need to know what you provide and to whom you provide it. Be prepared to define that information as clearly as you can. It is generally easy to define what you do, but sometimes not very easy to define what separates you from the pack. You must be prepared to show your uniqueness. Also, be ready to point out the type of client that is best for you. So, if you are a CPA, you could say, “I am a CPA and any business is a good client for me.” However, it would be much better to say, “I am a CPA and I work in partnership with new businesses to help them maximize their financial performance.”

Communicate Clearly

When describing your business activity, be careful to use language that the other people understand. Be careful not to use your industry jargon unless your goal is to put the other people to sleep!

Use the Houston L.E.A.D. Social Media to Your Advantage

Both Houston L.E.A.D. and your individual L.E.A.D. group have Facebook pages. Take advantage of those pages to introduce your company to the greater L.E.A.D. audience. That’s what professional networking sites are designed to accomplish.

Follow Up

If you are given a lead, follow up with it ASAP (24 to 48 hours). If you meet someone who needs a product or service that can be supplied by one of your fellow L.E.A.D. members, get to them as quickly as possible. DO NOT wait for the next group meeting if the need is urgent!

Become Part of the Leadership Team

Your L.E.A.D. group leader is almost always in need of support. If you express your desire to be part of the leadership team, he or she will be only too happy to find a place for you!

Items to Ponder about these Professional Networking Tips. 

  1. Which of these are you already doing well? How might you help other members in this area?

  2. For which of these would input/feedback from the group be helpful to you?

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